Workflow and details

The Photo Templater aims to create DXF files from field templates in minutes. The workflow contains the following well defined steps:


  • Mount the field template on the green or blue background board. For best accuracy make sure the template is flat on the board.
  • Enter the template thickness before taking the picture.
  • In the Photo Templater software click “Take picture”. The image is taken and the template sizes and outlines are automatically detected. Vectorizing routines deliver lines and arcs at the object’s outline.


  • Some segments need fine tuning or conversion. Manually refine lines, arcs and splines.
  • Use the built in fine tuning tools and align the corner points to snuggly fit the template outline.


  • Modify the template outline to customer’s specifications.
  • Apply 90° angles where necessary.
  • Add offsets or corner radius.
  • Apply tangential smoothing.
  • Mark reference line for horizontal or vertical export.


  • Click the “Export”-button ! your modified outline is saved as DXF and ready to import to CAM.
  • The exported file is a clean DXF file. Ready to be used in a CAD to add further details or directly be sent to the CAM to program the machine.

Contents of the Photo Templater package

  • Software: Photo Templater and Camera Service. Includes 1 year of free software updates.
  • Hardware: Digital Camera, high quality lens, continuous power supply, tripod geared head.
  • Instructions: Manuals and training.
  • Installation: Optional, but highly recommended installation on location; included training.
  • Support: Free support by e-mail and phone.
  • Subscription: Optional yearly subscription for software updates.

Possible setup scenarios

Templater table with top
mounted camera.

Templater board on wall
with top mounted camera.

Free mounted templater
board with camera on
opposite wall.


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